Rome Resources

Build time: 39 hours

Rome Resources full site design is a quality implementation for a modest budget. The site is a fairly standard Mining and Resources sector architecture featuring, the senior leadership team, corporate governance, investor area and priority projects.

  • Parallax hero and feature images with watermark and overlay shading – allowing the uploaded hero image to scroll at a different rate to the page content, creates an extra depth to the page on scroll.
  • Sticky Sub-menu – interior pages within a given section can be easily navigated thanks to the left hand submenu’s continued presence on the page during scroll, without blocking any content.
  • Smooth transitions on page elements to fade in and move into position – multiple elements on each page fading into view with an additional transformation to gently slide it into place as it comes into the browser window view

As with all Egg Design’s work, images are large, prevalent and demand a crisp look, requiring an optimisation of around 92% quality compression. The quality of content is presented on pages with a theatrical flourish: fade up and slide into place.

Custom Plugins

Announcements – Rome’s announcement data is a mix of administrator uploads and automated data fetching using the following plugins

  • Shareprice – visible in the top menu and the investor centre page
  • Commodity Price – Commodity Tin price provided in 20 minute intervals
  • News Releases, Reports and Presentations – visible in the homepage, investor centre and New Release pages. These are uploaded by the admin and the system takes care of formatting and display in the appropriate sections such as General Announcements, Reports and Presentations

Media Releases – Similar in content and functionality to webcasts, the media section allows site admins to link to external websites or upload pdf articles along with a title and small descriptive excerpt.

People – Key Rome personnel are managed via the People plugin which simplifies updates into the core required fields.

Webcasts – Simplified input interface allows site administrators to enter a title, publish date and url leading to an externally host such as Vimeo or Youtube. As per the design, front page records are shown with an embedded video thumbnail, whereas records listed on the Webcasts page in the Investor Centre are just a title & date with a hyperlink to the hosted video.

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