Digital Perth Web Development

Digital Perth Web Development

BinaryPusher is a Perth based development support service focusing on website development support for designers, startups and agencies. Browse the left hand menu of completed works ot see our quality and process.


Development Support Services

Thanks for stopping by. BinaryPusher is a Perth web development service providing a range of supporting website development services for the creation or modification of apps and websites. BinaryPusher has over 29 years experience in Web, Search and User Experience Design.

Website Development

BinaryPusher provides professional website development services to individuals, startups and agencies. We use plain language with a friendly approach so there are no hidden surprises.

Install and configured from any template or theme

If you have a a website theme purchased from ThemeForest or TemplateMonster, We can set up your hosting and install your theme with your logo and business specific changes in no time.

Build from your Figma, .PSD, Sketch or XD resource

Designers and Agencies can coordinate with us from any point in the design and development process to deliver the best digital solution for your client. We provide UX and SEO/SEM advice to help deliver a great user experience to the client. We respect your design and implement faithfully in HTML and CSS just the way you designed it.

New pages and functions to existing sites

You may have an existing site from a provider you can no longer get in touch with. We’re very comfortable taking on your project and working through the site to create new content or functionality. Some websites however, do not include the source code used to create it, so sometimes there’s a limit to what we can do.

Site makeovers

A design re-fresh can make a tired or dated design, look and feel modern and exciting, maximising your digital presence for a minimal investment. We can easily implement your makeover by modifying existing assets to suit any budget.

Debugging, optimisation and conversions

Your existing site or application is done, but is it performing as well as it could be? Is it even being indexed and ranked by Google and Bing? Is the code out of date with security vulnerabilities? We’ve got you covered. We can update, convert and optimise your site to an A rating (within the 90% performance and optimisation range, depending on your plugins) on GTMetrix.

UI/UX Design

We run efficient, plain language, workshops to expose the most important user journeys in your app, website or system. Our workshops are tailor made to your budget. We have some innovative approaches that can make a big difference to your time and costs.

  • Discovery workshops
    Ideation, UX and
    Project Requirements gathering.
  • Wireframe prototypes
    A range of prototyping options from simple wireframes, to higher-resolution, interactive representations
  • Seed development
    Prototyping working solutions to demonstrate your critical project concepts.
  • QA Reviews
    Evaluation and reporting on the state of your current application or website along with recommendations for improvement.
  • Support & maintenance
    Managing your site or application’s content, update patches and minor changes as a monthly package

Important notes

Proof of Concept

Proof of concept, limits the time and money you invest by small, incremental stages that can be used to gain further funding or approval.

New ideas or new directions can easily feel blocked by not knowing where to start, high cost, complexity or resistance from clients or colleagues.

Best of all there are no costs for the technology.  Not even hosting.  You just pay for the effort to realise your idea as a usable demo.

We use and recommend OutSystems as our prototyping technology.  It is the most sophisticated and secure low code platform with enterprise level integration, security and native web and mobile code deployment.

Our Preferred Website Platforms

WordPress, Joomla and React based web apps, Webflow and of course static HTML/CSS/Javascript are our preferred and supported project platforms.  Something to consider, is these platforms require hosting, service and support which are additional costs, separate to any design, support or development costs.

Proofing via OutSystems

OutSystems is a rapid application development platform, providing end-to-end visual development based on frameworks and apis providing common design and solution patterns.  The platform is a subscription based services (annual) hosted on Amazon Web Services (or Azure) in standardised interoperable technologies.  

The development interface of OutSystems is proprietary but the deployed code  and infrastructure are all standard .NET technologies so if or when you decide to cancel your subscription, you may export your code to a common .NET based solution.

OutSystems has been reviewed and accepted by Western Australian Health Support Services, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads,  Queensland Department of Health as meeting their cloud services security requirements.  Each department accepted project proposals based on, along with other factors,  Outsystems as the delivery platform.

Price and Costing

Project based estimates can be provided after some discussion and provision of scope and the mode of engagement.  Items to consider which are listed below.  

  • Project scope
  • Timeline
  • Development team size and location (may affect or be constrained by tax considerations)
  • Additional delivery services
  • Project variation
  • Ongoing support
  • Technology costs

Project Based Costing (exclusive GST)

Consulting – $150*
UI & UX Design –  $115
Wireframing & UX Prototyping – $95
PoC / Prototyping / Apps / PWAs – $120

Standalone Website Development Costing (exclusive GST)

Website maintenance & development (wordpress/joomla/webflow/vanilla) – $105

* Onsite 4 hours or more (including travel) incurs a per diem of $65.00.  Travel time to a location outside the metro area incurs an hourly $45.00 fee.  Flights and accommodation are additional, at cost and market rate, reasonable minimum standards apply.

If you’re an agency or can propose a consistent level of work with us, we have better pricing rates which make us an attractive partner to add your markup to.

The project needs, chosen technology and the best fit resources may affect the cost per resource or cost to manage cheaper resources.